Municipal Law
The Lawyers Building
715 Court Street
Saginaw, MI 48602

The attorneys of Mahlberg Brandt represent townships, villages and cities in a wide area of general and specialized public sector matters, including:
            •     Counseling Legislative Bodies and Administrators
            •     Litigation before administrative agencies, and state and federal courts
            •     Eminent Domain and Annexation
            •     Franchises
            •     Intergovernmental Agreements and Municipal Authorities
            •     Planning and Financing for Public Improvements (through bonding and
                   special assessments)
            •     Drafting Resolutions, Ordinances
            •     Ordinance Enforcement (traffic, property maintenance and zoning codes)
            •     Property Taxation (including tax tribunal appeals and collection)
            •     Labor Relations (including negotiating agreements, arbitration, wrongful
                   discharge and discrimination)

Please contact:
            •     Mark T. Mahlberg
            •     Otto W. Brandt
            •     Donald A. Gilbert
            •     Diane L. Thompson